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I. Yermachenko and F. Sadyrbaev.
Types of solutions of the second order Neumann problem: multiple solutions

A. Gritsans and F. Sadyrbaev.  
Trigonometry of lemniscatic functions

Yu. Klokov.  
Dirichler problem for nonlinear ordinary differential equation of the fourth order (Russian)

A. Lepin.
Dirichler problem for the third order differential equation (Russian)


A. Lepin.and L. Lepin.
Two-point boundary value problems with monotone boundary conditions (Russian)


A. Lepin.and L. Lepin.
On upper and lower functions (Russian)


A. Lepin.and L. Lepin.
On some boundary value problem (Russian)

L. Lepin.  
Boundary value problems with a maximal solution (Russian)

V. D. Ponomarev. 
On uniqueness of a solution of boundary value problems for a system of two first-order differential equations with linear boundary conditions. I (Russian)



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